Darksiders III has a new option to make combat feel less like Dark Souls

And more like the Darksiders everyone knows and loves

The similarities between Darksiders III and Dark Souls don’t stop at the DS initials. Darksiders Developer Gunfire Games has just added a new combat option to make the third game feel more like its predecessors.

As part of the game’s second major patch, Gunfire has introduced a “Classic” combat mode that’s more aligned with the combat mechanics in the original Darksiders and its sequel. There are two major alterations: Classic mode has the built-in safety net of canceling attacks with a dodge, and items are used instantaneously after pressing the corresponding button.

Gunfire made a lot of strategic changes with Darksiders III, and modeling combat more akin to Dark Souls was a divisive shakeup. It added more weight to fighting, but it also sort of messed with the free-flowing fast action that people expect from Darksiders. Locking the player into animations can feel unnecessarily punitive, especially considering how the previous games encouraged a more carefree style (for lack of a better descriptor).

It’s a part of Darksiders III now, and there’s no harm in trying it. Gunfire says players can toggle between default and classic combat modes by simply loading a save. Classic combat won’t have any effect on difficulty or earning achievements/trophies. It’s just an option for anyone who’d prefer it feel more like old Darksiders and less like Dark Souls.

Darksiders III‘s second update is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Here are the full patch notes:


  • Added new option for Combat. Upon loading a save or starting a new game, players will be prompted to choose between “Default” and “Classic” combat. “Classic” mode should feel more like previous Darksiders titles allowing Fury to dodge interrupt her attacks as well use items instantly. “Default” mode is the original combat mode for Darksiders III. The option can be changed at any point in gameplay options while playing. This has no other effects on difficulty or achievements.
  • Improved ledge grab detection on Fury so she can more consistently grab ledges.
  • Additional optimizations to help stuttering while streaming.
  • Added “Health Lurcher” item to Vulgrim that allows player to purchase refills for Nephilim’s Respite.
  • Added “Echo Mark” item to Vulgrim that allows player to refund their spent attribute points.
  • Added a few new checkpoints.
  • Raised the level cap to 200. Also, rebalanced leveling curve post level 80 as well as stat rewards.


  • Fixes for random crashes
  • General performance improvements.
  • Fix for Force Coral where it wouldn’t break correctly. This will also fix previous saves with this issue.
  • Fix for some checkpoints that weren’t registering.
  • Cycling difficulty options while in game will not affect actual difficulty unless it is changed.
  • Fix for Abraxis Health bar showing up but he is missing.

Balance Changes:

  • Fury will no longer take damage while performing an Arcane Counters.
  • Havoc Form does more Damage.
  • Increased Havoc Generation on Obscurus Enhancement.
  • Increased Health and Damage amounts on Fortifier Enhancement.
  • Increased Health Regeneration on Leviathan Enhancement.
  • Increased Lurcher Reward from destroying breakables on Leviathan Enhancement.
  • Increased Chance to Spawn Wrath when killing an Enemy on Rage Enhancement.

Darksiders 3 Patch #2 (December 20th) Public Release! [Steam]

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