Darksiders Genesis won’t have any cut content on Switch, but there will be visual ‘concessions’

Out on PC soon, consoles in 2020

When a Switch port arrives, everyone collectively holds their breath.

We know that under the right circumstances, the Switch can handle a lot of ports. But if the studio isn’t as learned as say, Panic Button, or they use an incompatible engine, all sorts of things can go wrong. Developer Airship Syndicate is trying to ensure that everyone goes off without a hitch on Darksiders Genesis launch day: albeit with strings attached. Speaking to Nintendo Everything, famed artist and Airship Syndicate CEO Joe Madureira explained that although there will be “concessions,” the Switch port is being taken care of by the team.

Company president Ryan Stefanelli goes into specifics, noting what happened with Battle Chasers won’t happen again with more experience: “I mean really, that is kind of it – do what we gotta do to make it feel good, and we’ll see where it comes out in the wash. It’s what we had to do on Battle Chasers as well, and Battle Chasers was a unique challenge because the Switch had just come out, and Unity was brand new on Switch. I think we were one of the first two, three games that were of a decent size – maybe even period that were trying to come to the Switch based in Unity. We’ve gotten a taste of what the transition is like, and we’re getting a lot of help on it too, so hopefully Switch players will be happy with it.”

Content will be the same with no cuts, and the “highest possible framerate” is a goal, but we don’t have hard numbers yet.  There’s still a ways to go, too, because while Darksiders Genesis launches on December 5 on PC, it doesn’t arrive on consoles until February 2020.

Darksiders Genesis devs on the Switch version – same content, targeting “highest possible” frame rate and resolution [Nintendo Everything]

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