Darkest of Days gets box art with a volcano on it

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Darkest of Days, an upcoming first-person shooter about time travel, has gotten box art. Normally, this wouldn’t be a huge deal, but the cover art has a seemingly random volcano on it and I thought that was kind of hilarious. If the final fight doesn’t take place atop a live volcano, I will be disappointed.

In addition, three screenshots were sent out, and I remain cautiously optimistic about Darkest of Days. It certainly looks interesting in the pictures and video we’ve seen, but I’ll be keeping my expectations in check anyway.

Lastly, my morning was made when I finally figured out why the game’s premise has been so intriguing to me: as commenter HiddenAHB brought up last time, it’s eerily similar to that cartoon show Time Squad, which I had completely forgotten about until he mentioned it. What a silly show was.

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