Darkest Dungeon update adds two new characters, fresh terror

So good I almost had a heart attack

Darkest Dungeon is my jam. I’ve been playing the hell out of the early access build and while I’ve had an absolute blast, I was reaching the bottom of the barrel in terms of current content. So it should come as no surprise that I am more than a little hyped by the brand new “Fiends and Frenzy” update.

A ton of new content and tweaks awaits your depressed and sullen warriors. Three new horrifying bosses to test your mettle, new items and town locations, and rebalanced mechanics. I’m particularly looking forward to the first time one of my heroes dies due to a stress induced heart attack! Of course, the main draw is the addition of two new potential party members, the hulking Man-at-Arms and the massive crossbow wielding Arbelest.

The Man-at-Arms is by far the tankiest of the characters so far, featuring abilities that allow him to take hits for his more fragile companions and punish aggressive monsters with reaction attacks. The Arbelest seems like a straight up sniper at first blush — park her in the back and let her turn enemies into pincushions. However, she has quite a bit of tactical flexibility with some interesting support skills that make her more than a one-note DPS machine.

I’m looking forward to digging into all the new content with a fresh save file. Often times following an early access title can be a frustrating and halting experience. In Darkest Dungeon‘s case though, it’s allowing me to enjoy a game I love multiple times as it updates and changes.

Nic Rowen