Dark Void’s Will explored in latest dev diary

The Dark Void team doesn’t plan to make their vomit-inducing, jetpack-equipped protagonist a caricature. Will isn’t the brutish heroic type. In fact, he’s a bit of a ballsy lone wolf, choosing to work by himself while using gadgets he doesn’t even understand — the jet pack being one of those things, as explained by the latest developer diary video available above.

But despite his solo flaw, Will won’t find himself alone in Dark Void. The mythic Tesla and ex-lady friend Eva have his back. Tesla makes the junk both characters will use to, according to the diary, spearhead a revolt. Eva on the other hand, knows things about Will, man. She knows things.

Ah, nothing like a bit of back-story in the morning. Dark Void, by the way, hits January 12 next year. Look for it if you like vomiting (and/or jetpack action).

Brad BradNicholson