Dark Void Web site is live, new teaser trailer available

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I have a feeling this is only the beginning of many Dark Void posts to come. Today, Capcom unveiled the game’s official Web site. It’s black, purple, has silly flash animations and music that will boom through your speakers if you’re not careful. Capcom also released a spectacular teaser trailer that you can view post-jump. I write “spectacular” because the teasing is heavy and the gameplay is non-existent.

But never you worry about its lack of substance. Nick has your back. He’s written about the game twice — once from CES ‘09 and other time from Capcom’s CAPTIVATE event earlier last year. He’s left the game impressed both times, and you can’t fault him for that. Dark Void is visually appealing, plus it has some ambitious elements that should separate it from the vast majority of sci-fi shooters on the market. The one that always grabs me is the vertical cover system. The game’s protagonist, Will, can take to the air with the aid of a jetpack. On the way up he can grab at ledges to avoid fire from the floor and above. As Nick said, it’s wild stuff.

Hit the break for the teaser. If anything, you may appreciate the goth Rocketeer garb some dudes wear — it’s hot in that cobwebs-and-brimstone kind of way.

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