Dark Souls Switch gets a patch that addresses myriad online play problems

Prepare to…connect

Watching the reaction to Dark Souls on Switch has been fascinating. It’s like a time warp into the year 2009, where I was able to witness all sorts of “nope, I’m giving up” reactions after people’s first foray into the Souls series (with Demon’s Souls), followed by cries of “just give it a chance!” from folks who stuck with it. Nintendo-only gamers are just not giving it a shot and are either enthralled or disgusted. It’s great.

But along with that general distaste for the seemingly unforgiving nature of Dark Souls comes a succinct revulsion for the Switch edition’s online bugs, some of which are being addressed this week. In addition to a small fix (shortened the time of earning souls when NPCs fall off stuff), patch 1.0.3 also addresses “repeated crashes” after playing lengthy multiplayer sessions, as well as general animation delay fixes.

If you’re having issues and put the game away for a bit, make sure you’ve updated to patch 1.0.3 and see how it goes. Also follow our handy tips guide here and Jordan’s helpful cheat sheet link here.

1.0.3 [Dark Souls]


  • Shortened the time of earning souls of the NPCs defeated from fall damage.

  • Fixed the game crashing from repeatedly connecting with different players for long hours on online multiplayer.

  • Reduced the animation delay in online multiplayer.

  • Fixed the soul of “Gwyn Lord of Cinder” decreasing multiple times when praised on the Altar of Sunlight in a certain procedure, After the update file is applied, the game will be labeled as the following version on the top left of the title screen.

Version displayed at the upper left of title screen is updated with this update patch as follows:

App Ver [1.0.3]

Regulation Ver [1.03]


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