Dark Souls mod brings Shovel Knight to Lordran

I dig it

It’s said that the flow of time is convoluted in Lordran. Brave warriors come and go, weaving in and out of one another’s worlds to assist in combat or fight one for prizes. Dark Souls, with its strange inhabitants and fallen kingdoms, is no stranger to noble knights. 

But until recently, there’s never been an undead hero who fought exclusively with a shovel. Redditor _Abject_ and the “Shovel Souls” mod have changed that, bringing Shovel Knight‘s blue-clad hero into FromSoftware’s acclaimed RPG.

The Dark Souls mod is still a work in progress, but _Abject_’s efforts show plenty of potential. Shovel Knight’s iconic armor and weapon are already incorporated, replacing the Royal Helm, Golem Armor set, and Winged Spear, respectively. Shield Knight, too, makes an appearance based off of Dark Souls‘ Silver Knight model.

Shovel Souls isn’t a mere reskin, either. The mod’s short trailer shows some that some of Shovel Knight‘s sound effects now replace Lordran’s ominous tones. Dark Souls‘ camera appears to be tweaked a bit too, to replicate Shovel Knight‘s 2D perspective better.

_Abject_’s efforts to turn the landscape of Lordran into Shovel Knight’s next adventure are looking great so far. I’m keen to see how the finished project turns out, especially considering how rad a Black Iron Tarkus/Shovel Knight team would look.

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