Dark Souls III’s first DLC is out a day early on PC thanks to an Xbox snafu

Early Xbox One release benefits all

So last Friday, a number of you may have noticed that the new Dark Souls III DLC, Ashes of Ariandel, made its way on the Xbox One storefront. I know a few of you snagged it up quick, but Bandai Namco pulled the plug on that operation later that day.

Clearing up an error would normally be fine, but with a game like Souls that can be ruined so readily, it makes sense to just release the damn thing. The company is doing just that, because instead of its existing October 25 launch, it’s now set for October 24 on PC, when it will arrive at 3PM PT on Steam. Consoles on the other hand will basically still have to wait, as it will hit at 9PM PT on consoles.

As a reminder, it’ll probably take you five hours (or less) to complete this entirety of this DLC, making it one of the shortest add-ons in the series’ history.

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