Dark Souls II is set to respawn on PS4 and Xbox One

Time is a flat circle

A re-release of Dark Souls II for the current-gen consoles and a DX11 version for the PC has been announced in classic Souls fashion – with a moody and cryptic trailer showing scenes of unimaginable horror.

Sign me up.

Scholar of the First Sin (damn do I love that title) is set to be released on April 3 and will include all of the DLC packs from the original game and a suite of gameplay adjustments aimed to make the enemies even more deadly, plus some unspecified tweaks to player characters (likely an effort to balance out some PvP shenanigans and curb power builds).

Lord knows I love me some Souls, but the timing of the release seems a little too close for comfort to From Software’s other upcoming nightmarish adventure, Bloodborne, which was recently pushed back from a February release date to late March. Between the two titles, that is going to be a lot of giant monster slaying in a short period of time. Maybe the idea is to provide sweet succor to Xbox and PC fans that won’t be able to play the PS4 exclusive Bloodborne.

Astute DkS nuts will notice a PvP scene towards the end of the Scholar of the First Sin trailer that features a host player, three white phantoms, and two red phantoms, a veritable six-man royal rumble of ganking and cheap shots. Honestly, I thought DkSII got crazy when the occasional four-player battle broke out; looks like this re-release is going to take it over the top. Here is hoping they improve the netcode to handle that kind of brawl.

Nic Rowen