Dark Souls dev From wants to do more Japanese-style games

Hidetaka Miyazaki doesn’t hate Armored Core

From Software’s Hidetaka Miyazaki spoke to Famitsu about wanting to expand their catalog with more Japanese-style games, presumably along the lines of past From games Tenchu and Otogi

Miyazaki said their current lineup was a bit limited, though “[t]he steady flow of dark fantasy games and mecha are something we’d like to continue taking good care of.” Obviously with Bloodborne, Souls-style games aren’t on their way out. Armored Core, too.

“There seems to be some talk about how I dislike the Armored Core series, but that is simply not true,” he said. “Actually, I’d even like to direct a new title myself.”

As for what form these new titles will come in, it remains to be seen. It doesn’t seem to be a mandate from Kadokawa, though. Miyazaki says From management has not changed and it will continue to publish and develop the games we’re used to. Kadokawa acquired From early this year.

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Steven Hansen