Dark Souls 3 PC servers are back online

You can resume previously regular dueling activities

It looks like Dark Souls 3 PC players will be able to engage with the online side of its content again. Online features for the PC version of Dark Souls 3 went back online today.

The news was made known through the Dark Souls Twitter account today. The Souls team is also working to restore these features for all other Dark Souls titles, as it looks like only the third is back right now. An announcement will be made when those services are back online.

The PC servers for Dark SoulsDark Souls 2, and Dark Souls 3 have been offline for quite some time. They were taken down after a severe exploit was uncovered in these games. An RCE exploit in Dark Souls 3 let players run malicious code, creating a pretty serious vulnerability. Players drew attention to it, and the exploit was enough to yank down the servers for all three games on PC. Console servers, meanwhile, have stayed online.

Calling in online assistance

While we’ve been getting steady updates on the status of these servers, it’s nice to see at least one of the games back. Online features are a pretty big part of the Souls experience, ranging from PvP to calling in assistance and leaving messages.

Meanwhile, Elden Ring has been top-of-mind for pretty much all of 2022. The same exploit was investigated and taken care of in Elden Ring, so those servers have stayed online through the whole ordeal.

While it might seem like players would still gravitate towards the newcomer in Elden Ring, it’s good to have these online features back up for Dark Souls 3. Newcomers who bought into Elden Ring may wish to go back and explore earlier titles, and hopefully they’ll be able to do it as originally intended. No timeline’s been made public on when the PC online features for Dark Souls or Dark Souls 2 will be back.

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