Dark Horse to put out Alice: Madness Returns art book

You know, it wasn’t until I saw someone with an Alice tattoo that I fully understood how big of a deal the game is to some people. If you hold a special place in your heart for American McGee’s twisted vision, the upcoming art book for Alice: Madness Returns might be up your alley.

Spicy Horse Games teamed up with Dark Horse for this 184-page hardcover book, which is appropriately being called The Art of Alice: Madness Returns. While I can’t personally guarantee it will vomit blood (it probably won’t), you can likely expect some excellent concept art like the piece above.

To be honest, it’s hard to look at this stuff and not be slightly bummed out by the in-game representation. Remember that ridiculous Epic Mickey concept art?

Dark Horse To Release Alice: Madness Returns Art Book [GameSetWatch]

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