Daredevil season 3 teaser trailer is holier than thou

What a tease!

Fair warning, this is literally the definition of teaser. It’s short, doesn’t really show much, and says a lot less. Except, well, Matt Murdoch, attorney at law, has finally decided he likes his latex-suited friend better than himself. Yippee. It’s basically a reminder that yes, Netflix’s Daredevil does exist, and that yes, it’ll be returning to binge anew, soon.

Last we saw Charlie Cox as Daredevil, it was in the The Defenders in August of 2017. Of course, there’s no specific release date attached as yet, and official statistics are unavailable as to when Netflix teases release versus their actual release dates. But given that Iron Fist season 2 released just days ago, it’s a safe bet we still have time. Maybe closer to Thanksgiving, where the official trailer will drop a week before, with Matt Murdoch, bloody, sitting in front of juicy looking turkey, just straight up giving thanks for everything he can think of. Knife in one hand. Comically big fork in the other. Blood drying beneath his nostrils, droning on.

Rick Lash