Dante’s Inferno Web site takes us on a tour of Lust

A new circle of Hell opens up every ninth day of the month over at the official Dante’s Inferno Web site. Today, we got a chance to see what the second circle of Hell, Lust, looks like.

It’s a very sexual circle. Tits are everywhere, monsters with demonic mouths for vaginas are all over the place and there’s a giant boss with breasts bigger than Brad Nicholson’s biceps. If you get tired of all the boobage, you can also check out the other new section on the Dante’s Web site that’s all about Dante Alghieri, the author of the Divine Comedy.

By the way, you can win some signed prints of the art work that’s used on the Dante’s Inferno Web site. All you need to do is either Tweet something from the Web site or tag yourself in a photo at their Facebook page. More details on how to win after the jump.

Oh, by the way, Production I.G confirmed during Anime Expo that they’re going to be working on an animated version of Dante’s Inferno. More details will be popping up during San Diego Comic Con.

Also, I am so horny right now. Those vagina demon mouths got me super excited. Sh*t. Thanks a lot, Visceral Games.


Want to win one of the paintings featured above? We’re giving away two full size prints (one of Limbo, one of Lust) signed by the core members of the Dante’s Inferno Development team and framed for display, to lucky fans just for exploring hell. Head over to the “Explore Hell” section of the Dante’s Inferno website here: https://www.dantesinferno.com/us/explore, where you can experience the first two circles of hell, Limbo and Lust. In order to enter the contest, simply click one of the objects within the interactive paintings, listen to the quote and click “Tweet from hell” under the text they display. That’s it! Each quote you Tweet, will be counted as an entry. On the 20th of July we’ll select two lucky winners from the pool to send the prints based on which circle their tweet came from.  Don’t forget to follow @Danteteam on Twitter for the latest information and exclusive behind the scenes glimpses from the floor of Visceral Games.


As part of the new Explore Hell feature on https://www.dantesinferno.com; we’ve created full size prints the paintings for the first two circles (one of Limbo, one of Lust), had the development team sign them, and framed the whole picture. Why? To give away to our fans on Facebook! To enter; become a fan of The Dante’s Inferno Team here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Dantes-Inferno-Team/158844580110?ref=ts  and simply tag yourself in one of the pieces of the artwork in the album labeled “Tag Yourself in Hell – Limbo” or “Tag Yourself in Hell – Lust.” We’ll collect a pool of everybody tagged and draw two winners on July 20th, and send prizes based on which album you were tagged in (Limbo or Lust). Only one tag will be counted as an entry! So tag wisely and tag once. Only tags in the contest albums will be considered entries.

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