Dante’s Inferno has a video and pictures, will ruin books forever

There have been a number of complaints lodged against EA’s upcoming action title, Dante’s Inferno, mostly because it looks to be nothing like the book, and apparently serves only to piss upon everything that has ever been written by mankind, ever. Personally, after watching the above video and looking over some of the provided screens, I have to say this — what’s the big bloody deal?

I intend to write more on the subject in a full feature, so I’ll just say this for now — anybody who can look at the above footage and not think that the scene with pink snappy penis mouths is awesome has lost the right to have an opinion on anything involving pink snappy penis mouths.

Literary sacrilege or not, I am in support of any game that wants to use the Nine Circles as the backdrop for a violent bloodbath game. That is to say nothing of a game brassy enough to use the phrase “Go To Hell” as a tagline. Respect due.

Jim Sterling