Dante’s Inferno gameplay footage looks hotter than, uh, hell

GameTrailers TV went Dante’s Inferno crazy last night in its latest episode. The crew headed down to Electronic Arts’ Redwood Shores offices, home of the game’s developer Visceral Studios, and came back with the first look at the game in action.

I had a chance to play a good deal of Dante’s Inferno when I visited Visceral in May, and while it was early, it showed a lot of promise to be a kick ass, third-person action experience. Meanwhile, a lot of you are too stuck on how it will adapt the revered source material to really grasp that; to an extent, I understand your hesitation. Maybe now, after you see this gameplay, some of you will get it; Dante’s Inferno might be — wait for it — a lot of fun. Even if it doesn’t take its gameplay in any particularly new directions or break down some non-existent literary-to-game-adaptations barrier.

Speaking with the game’s Executive Producer Jonathan Knight, I got the sense that he probably knew a hell of a lot more about Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy than most people (yeah, that probably includes you). And being familiar with the material, intends to bring many of themes found in the poetry to the game’s narrative. But above all, along with the rest of the team, the idea is to make an entertaining action title. It looks like they’re headed in the right direction. 

So hit the jump for some of the first footage, which features bits and pieces of one of the game’s early and memorable boss “boss” battles with King Minos, judge of souls (shown above). If you’re a fan of third-person action titles like Devil May Cry or God of War, can you honestly say this doesn’t look like fun?


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