Damnation wants to show you its moves

The release of Codemasters’ “vertical shooter” Damnation creeps ever nearer, and to celebrate we have a new video and some screenshots for you all to look at before saying, “Yawn, this doesn’t look very good. Slow news day? Next,” or some other hilariously apathetic thing.

The new video is, like Captain Falcon, all about the moves. The Darkwing Duck-style character is shown flipping around, zipping down wires, jumping from walls, and doing pretty much all you’d expect from your average acrobatic action hero. It’s looking rough round the edges and somewhat unrefined, even this close to release, but who knows? It might not be that bad. 

Despite the negativity that seems to be surrounding the game, I’m hopeful. The focus on acrobatic gunplay is promising and I love that the enemies have all the same abilities you do. I’m not expecting a great game, but I hope it is nevertheless fun. We’ll have to wait and see.

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