Damn: Starcraft II cost $100 million to make

You know that Activision Blizzard is going to make a sh*tton of money on the follow-up to one of the biggest PC games ever created. Apparently they also knew that, as they spent $100 million to make its sequel.

The Wall Street Journal says that AB spent over $100 million on the three parts that will eventually make up the full sequel. That insane total is strictly development cost, so it would be way higher adding in marketing and other costs.

I asked a visiting friend, a Starcraft fan, to guess how much he thought Starcraft II cost to make. He said $14 million right of the bat. Then I said it was higher. He said “No.”

Then I told him.

“No f*cking way. They’ll never make that back.”

I think my visiting friend is wrong. They’ll make that back easily.

Starcraft II cost $100 million to make [Gamespot]

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