Damn, Resident Evil 2 looks incredible with this ray tracing mod

But you can’t play it yet

Everyone’s eyes are firmly trained on the impending launch of Resident Evil 3, but might I ask that you turn your attention back to Resident Evil 2 for just a few minutes?

Resident Evil 2 looks better than ever before thanks to the modding work of MassiHancer. They’re working on implementing ray tracing effects to last year’s outstanding remake, and it seems to be going stunningly so far. It’s still a work-in-progress, but the video that’s embedded above shows comparisons between Resident Evil 2 at ultra settings and with the ray tracing mod enabled.

MassiHancer makes use of Pascal Gilcher’s ray traced global illumination ReShade shader. With this tool, they’re able to use the “double contrast” technique which achieves the look MassiHancer wants — particularly lighting that focuses more on the character.

This mod is only for looking, not for touching right now. It’s not available to download, due to the fact that it’s still being created and that ReShade is still in beta. The general hope is that MassiHancer will release it when it’s done, but there’s no guarantee that’ll happen. 

Resident Evil 2 gets a ray tracing mod ahead of Resident Evil 3’s release [PCGamesN]

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