Damn! Fallout fans straight doing Bethesda’s job

High-detailed weapon degradation mockup

Fallout 4‘s similarity to the rest of Bethesda’s recent oeuvre didn’t keep it from making a boat load of cash (the season pass just went up in price!) and getting nominated for a boat load of award.

It’s okay, though. Fans are slowly but surely making Fallout 4 into the game they want it to be thanks to the power of modding. Here’s reddit’s Hazza42 with a post, “Since Fallout 4 doesn’t have weapon condition, I decided to try and animate what it might look like.

Of course, this isn’t a mod you can add to you game yet, but, “Once the creation kit is out I might try my hand in making this an actual mod.” And it’s not just aesthetic detail — it could go deeper than that. “I like the idea of a plasma rifle breaking and you getting irradiated, or a Fat Man falling apart and you have to catch the mini nuke before it hits the ground in front of you.”

Regardless, it’s some nice-looking work.

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