Daisy Fuentes is ‘ready,’ coming to my living room

“I’m ready whenever you are — I’ll see you in your living room,” says Daisy Fuentes.

Uh, okay. That’s pretty forward of you, though. You should probably know that this is my first time.

Wait, this is about exercise? I don’t exercise! Well, I guess this would also be my first time exercising. It’s obviously not Daisy’s first time, though, as she looks really good. Maybe that’s why Sega had her do their Wii Pilates game, Daisy Fuentes Pilates. And let’s get real here: she would never talk to a pudgy blogger like myself. 

Unlike our last Fuentes fest, this video is live-action, letting you get your IRL oogle on. Unfortunately, she’s not doing the bending and and stretching this time around — some generic fitness people are. One thing I did notice: Daisy’s in-game model accurately represents her real-life bust. It’s like someone went out of their way to pay proper homage.

If you’re one of those people that watches exercise shows for pleasure, you can get one that you can control yourself on August 4th, when Daisy Fuentes Pilates launches.

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