Daily Community Hotness: E3 2011 Day 2

The second day of coverage from E3 is over and Destructoid is tirelessly bringing you all the latest coverage from the show floor and behind closed doors. (That’s a lie, we are actually pretty exhausted!) Regardless, we hope you have enjoyed today’s news.

The Destructoid community has also been giving their impressions throughout the day over on the C-blogs and the forums. We always love to hear what you guys are thinking, so keep it up and check out all of the c-blogs below!


:: E3 2011: Just how hardcore is the Wii U? by falsenipple
:: My comment for Xander’s Implications of Wii U’s Single Tablet Post by BoomingEchoes
:: E3 Day 3 – Most Anticipated Games by KingSigy
:: Sony’s E3 2011: Into Uncharted Waters by manasteel88
:: E3: The Casual Gamer Wins! by Elsa
:: The Mind Taker; E3 Second Day Impressions by ManWithNoName
:: Nintendo is Dead to Me by SAMA1984
:: My 2 cents- A point by point breakdown as I saw it by The Blur
:: The WiiU: A Diverse Controller for a Diverse Gaming Audience (Including You) by MuddBstrd
:: E3: You need to go deeper… by Hakael
:: My Corporation > Your Corporation by Tyler Berg


:: E3 2011: Reactions Thread
:: E3 2011: Make up your own 2011 Nintendo E3 game list

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