Daggerfall Unity creator is making their own retro Elder Scrolls-esque game

Or just DU if you’re not happy using the dreaded “U” word these days.

Daggerfall: the inside of a large castle with royalty sat at the top of stone steps.

If you’ve played Daggerfall Unity, you’ll know it’s the best way to experience The Elder Scrolls 2 in the modern gaming climate. Now, with the full thing having recently launched, the creator of the project is looking to make their own game.

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In a recent interview with DualShockers, developer Gavin Clayton said he’s now working on his own idea, which will be styled after Daggerfall. He has this to say about the project:

I do genuinely love that old style of game. The thing I’m building is in the same vein. You’re talking big world, complex systems, mod support, that’s all of the stuff I want to explore, and I want to take that experience of Daggerfall Unity and put it in the new game.

Essentially, Clayton wants to realize his dream of making a game from scratch, something he’s dreamed of since he was a kid.

With some D&D influence in there, perhaps

While there are no details about what this game will actually be, he’s been open to answering a few questions on Twitter/X.

For example, when asked whether he was going to be using Unity, Clayton said he’s building his own engine, or, more accurately, he’s “revived an engine I spent some years on.”

As for any kind of lore or narrative, the project is still in the early stages, but when asked, the response was that the “world and main story have their roots in a D&D 2ED campaign I created and ran for friends in the 90s.”

Daggerfall Unity has been an enormous task for anyone to complete, especially as it was a full remake using a different engine. It’s almost certainly reinvigorated interest in Bethesda’s classic RPG, and I would personally recommend anyone interested in retro Elder Scrolls games to check it out.

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