D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die is worth five bucks on Steam

On sale for 48 hours

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The first (and sadly still only) season of D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die is down to $4.94 for 48 hours on Steam. The Deluxe Edition bundle is also discounted by 67 percent, to $9.89, but don’t feel like you need all of those extra costumes and supplemental materials. The core game is sufficiently entertaining.

This is a real weird mystery-adventure game from Swery, the mind behind Deadly Premonition, and Access Games. I love it, deep down, even if I don’t fully understand much of it. The story is centered around David Young, a tequila-obsessed, time-traveling private detective desperate to find closure over his wife’s mysterious murder at the hands of someone whose name starts with “D.”

While the setup is intriguing, it’s the characters that make D4 so darn memorable. Exhibit A:

D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die [Steam] [Image]

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