D.Va’s Meka is a surprisingly good addition to Doom

Almost everything is a surprisingly good addition to Doom

It’s always enjoyable to take a look at the modding scene to see what people are adding to Doom. There’s that Aliens project. And there’s the one that added loot boxes to the original Doom. Or there’s the guy who loves Doom so much that he put the old Doom in the new Doom.

This particular modder, MyNameIs, has spent time implementing Overwatch weapons into his Doom WAD Toward the Hell. There are videos on his YouTube channel of stuff like Hanzo’s bow and Pharah’s rocket launcher. It’s D.Va’s Meka that’s the most popular though, and for good reason. (Yes, I know it’s a year old at this point.)

Check it out. Just hop in that mech and mow down most of Hell’s finest creations. It’s mostly efficient, except Cyberdemons still pose quite the threat. Those things have no regard for robot or human life.

Thanks, Ticklefist!

Brett Makedonski
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