D.Va is suiting up to be the next Overwatch statue from Blizzard

MEKA activated!

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Blizzard has revealed that D.Va from Overwatch will be the next character to be turned into a statue, and she’ll be joined by her signature mech.

Pre-orders have just opened for the gamer turned soldier, however she comes with a catch. Unlike previous Overwatch statues like Widowmaker, which were priced at $150, D.Va will be a staggering $450, and will be the largest one to date, measuring 19″ from floor to head.

That being said, the statue looks pretty good and captures the details of the mech and its pilot. I wish it was cheaper personally, as I’d be willing to take the dive if it was $300 or less, but it likely would’ve resulted in the statue losing its size or detail. It will be interesting to see from here if future characters are priced at $150 like the previous three, or if we’ll see future Overwatch characters potentially go for a higher price due to size and detail.

Now that being said, where is my Mercy statue? My figure and statue collection isn’t going to heal itself you know.

D.Va [Blizzard Collectibles]

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