Will we see MEKA hero D.Mon in Overwatch 2?

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This weekend saw the official reveal of the next hero headed to Blizzard Entertainment’s shooter sequel Overwatch 2, but while the incoming Omnic Ramattra might have taken some of the community by surprise, (given the persisting rumor that Mauga would be next), some die-hard fans are sat with itchy trigger fingers waiting on the arrival of the mysterious mech maiden, D.Mon.

D.Mon, as OW lore fans will realize, is a member of South Korea’s Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army — more commonly known by the acronym “MEKA”. The MEKA is a party of highly skilled operatives who assist the government with various tasks, ranging from global defense to search-and-rescue operations. Encased in finely tuned, state-of-the-art mech units, MEKA are single-person assault vehicles, capable of both incredible firepower and swift movement — offering an edge in any battle.

Sound familiar? Of course. And that’s because original Overwatch hero D.Va is, herself, MEKA’s finest soldier to date, utilizing her top-tier gaming skills to pilot her unit in battle. The core MEKA squad consists of Hana Song (D.Va), Jae-Eun (Casino), Kyung-Soo (King), and Seung-Hwa (Overlord), but fans have been paying particular attention lately to its fifth member Yuna, who goes by the call sign D.Mon.

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Having only appeared in Overwatch comics, little is known about D.Mon, outside of the fact that she rose through the e-sports ranks with Song, and the two have become firm friends and comrades in their many MEKA battles. D.Mon is portrayed as being an incredibly loyal and reliable ally, willing to protect her friends at the risk of her own life. Yuna’s mech “Beast”, reflects her charged personality in battle, and is arguably the most aggressive-looking of the MEKA team.

While Overwatch 2 rolls out its new slew of characters, some fans are eagerly awaiting D.Mon to make her debut on the battlefield. It would definitely be interesting to see a second piloted mech in the mix, though one struggles to imagine what D.Mon could bring to the fight that would make her a distinctly different character from D.Va herself.

Still, as the development squad digs deeper into the OW lore, pulling out whispered characters such as Junker Queen and officially adding them to the roster, it seems quite possible that D.Mon could eventually find her day in the spotlight. Just don’t even get me started on the possibility of TWO characters on a team having a “Nerf This!” Ult.


Overwatch 2 is available now on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

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