D.I.C.K.S. comes in second, still first in our hearts

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This past Thursday was a sad day, for it is a day that we discovered that MAGFest’s Gamer Iron Chef was rigged! How else can you explain Destructoid’s Iron Chef Kickass Superteam (D.I.C.K.S.) coming in second!? Clearly the battle was rigged against the team because MAGFest understood that if D.I.C.K.S. won riots of joy would occur across the country. So in the interest of public peace and safety the judges decided to honor the greatest cooking team ever with second place and allow them to take this amazing picture with John St. John.

More details and photos of the battle in due course, but just know that it was a hard fought adventure and some amazing food was prepared. I personally missed it, but word of its epicness has spread throughout MAGFest like the Flood (Halo reference!).

If you’re here remember to hit up the Destructoid photo today.

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