CyberneticTigerZ gets the ban stick, and wants revenge (SUX2BU!)

Let’s face it — CyberneticTigerZ is a bag of douche. He is to douche what the Kool Aid Man is to Kool Aid. And by that, I mean he may in fact be a giant pitcher of douche. Oh yeah, I said it. He is the poster boy of douche. Douchius Maximus. King Douche, of Douchiopolis. He who hath much doucheth.Indian Princess Douchahontas.I thought you should all witness the douche for yourself, and thus have posted his so-called “Revenge” videos.Dtoid Wars: Revenge of the Douche. More after the break.The last thing President Douche said to me before being fired was,”Why did Steve Irwin wear suntan lotion?To protect himself from deadly rays.”I find comfort in the fact that this man is far, far away from Dtoid. May God forever torment his soul in the bowels of Stupid Hell. You Penny Arcade fans know what I’m talking about.

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