Cyberbike trailer model looks less than enthralled

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Cyberbiking takes the borlng old exercise bike routine and connects it to your Nintendo Wii to make it the action fun and exciting. Well, maybe. If you’ve watched the official trailer for Cyberbike, you’ll see a serious lack of enthusiasm from the video’s model.

Exercise girl was surely instructed to look bored while riding a regular exercise bike. The problem here is that she looks just as bored on Cyberbike. Even her superimposed biking in-the-television shot lacks energy. She’s making the face the girls make when you talk to them about videogames. I know that face. 

I’m not dogging BigBen for trying to make exercise fun as much as I am the model for not trying to at least look like she’s having fun. It kind of goes against the whole selling point, don’t you think?

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