Cyber Gadget is making a Switch keyboard that can dock your Joy-Con

Type the joy

Cyber Gadget has announced a keyboard accessory for the Nintendo Switch that will allow you to dock your Joy-Con. You might remember HORI announcing a Switch keyboard last month. Their version, however, won’t have these nifty slots for the detachable controllers. 

The Joy-Con dock on the left and right sides of the keyboard. It might not be a necessity but will certainly be handy in games featuring an in-game chat system.

The accessory is also compatible with PC and PS4 which adds a bit of value to an otherwise niche device. 

The device is estimated to launch in Japan by the end of September for 3,578 yen, which is about $32. 

Cyber Gadget making a Switch keyboard that lets you dock the Joy-Con [Nintendo Everything]

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