Cuuute: A weapon shop game about potatoes

There’s even a potato pup

Games about managing weapon shops are still novel enough conceptually and satisfying enough mechanically that they don’t need much window dressing to draw me in. Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! has a cutesy art style and offbeat premise going for it. That’s plenty. I’m am down.

This title is in development at Singapore-based Daylight Studios with a summer 2015 release for Windows and Mac in mind, assuming it gets through Steam Greenlight. (It surely will.)

Smelly ants are crawling all over my desk and, ugh, now me, so let me leave you with two parting tidbits: composer Masahiko Kimura (Castlevania series, Genso Suikoden) is on board, and Holy Potatoes has a potato dog, aka the second-best dog-related thing I saw today.

Jordan Devore
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