Cute videogame crochet has me hooked? Looped?

Crocheting looks tedious when others do it, and it never seems like they get anywhere. I guess some make that long-ass, misshapen blanket that has too many holes in it to keep you warm, but those don’t count. These sweet crocheted game characters do count, though.

Nikki, who is known on YouTube as GoldenJellyBean, has created something worthy of all that stitching or spinning or whatever crocheters do. She has made her own…sackboys, for a lack of a better term. They stand at about nine inches tall, and are wonderfully detailed. All of the examples found in the asylum article are great, but I’m a sucker for the Ico one. I’d gladly buy one, but it turns out that these creations are not for sale.

Nikki’s YouTube videos are cute and informative. I so want a crocheted Totoro! Check ’em out.

Dale North