Cute Kingdom Hearts Riku Nendoroid now up for pre-order

Recreate that dopey beach race

Good Smile Company have opened pre-orders on the next Nendoroid in their Kingdom Hearts range. We’ve already had Sora revealed, so I guess one of the next logical steps his friend and rival Riku, the catalyst for most of the original Kingdom Hearts‘ narrative events.

Standing a typically Nendoroidian (oh yes) 100mm in height, Riku comes with two faceplates, which appear to be smug af and smugger af, forgoing the usual “grumpy” option that comes with a lot of Nendoroid releases. Riku is equipped with two Keyblades; Soul Eater and Oblivion, as well as the wooden sword from the 2002 classic’s opening beach fight.

Riku is available to pre-order from the official Good Smile website right now, at a cost of ¥4,630, or a little over $40 USD, not including shipping or any customs charges. If you want to pick up a Sora to accompany him, then you can find the KH hero right here.

Chris Moyse
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