Custom made Piranha Plant is scary as sh*t!

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I used to think Piranha Plants were cute. That’s all changed after seeing this Piranha Plant model by Deviant Art user Kalapusa.

The extreme Piranha Plant was made out of acrylics, clay and a wire skeleton and you can see a making of video after the break. It was also made with pure evil. Even though it’s scary as hell, I really want one for my front yard now. It’ll keep those damn kids off my lawn, that’s for sure. And lucky for me, Kalapusa will be selling this model on eBay pretty soon!

Kalapusa also has a regular Piranha Plant model that’s worth checking out. Don’t worry, it won’t give you nightmares. Check out more pictures of the monster Piranha Plant here.

[via CraziestGadgets]

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