Custom made Jack figure celebrates Easter with awesome

Imagine this: you wake up on Easter morning and instead of a chocolate bunny in your basket is a six and three quarter inch tall action figure of Jack from MadWorld. You’d be thanking the Easter Bunny for decades to come. That is until you realized that to complete the whole MadWorld theme he also covered your entire house in blood and threw your dog into a wood chippper. Then it would be all about vengeance.

But first you’d have to play with your awesome new action figure that ebooze over at deviantART made. Not only does this sucker look like one of the better custom made action figures out there, but it also has an interchangeable chainsaw — one for when you don’t want blood on it and one for when you do. Plus, when you aren’t in the mood for chainsaws there is an attachment for when the blade is retracted. Hopefully, some day ebooze will design a stand for it that has button which spits out deep and thoughtful curse words.

Now, back to that bastard bunny. He’ll pay for what he did. All I need is a shotgun, a chainsaw and the nerd-balls to go toe-to-toe with toughest rabbit you’ve ever seen. 

[Via TorontoThumbs]


Matthew Razak