Custom Katamari Damacy box art is na-na-nice and incredible

Unhappy with the official box art for Namco Bandai’s Katamari Damacy, Destructoid forum-goer Matthew Blake took matters into his own hands. He created his own.

While we’re flattered by the fact that he put our very own Mr. Destructoid on the box, more amazing is that nearly all of the text has been replaced by the “lyrics” from the game’s recognizable main theme: “Na na na.”

“All of the text is written the same as the original box art,” he xplains. “That is, all of the commas, periods, and larger letters are exactly where they’re supposed to be… just as gibberish.”

Even if we didn’t know what the game was, finding this on store shelves would make it an instant-buy. With Katamari Forever slated to his PlayStation 3 later this year, we’re going to put it out there: There’s still time to make some changes, Namco Bandai. 

Has anyone else gotten creative and designed some of their own clever custom box art? If so, share it in the comments or hit up the Dtoid forums and show it off.



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