Custom delight: Reactor-88’s Dr. Mario and Dig Dug Dunnys

Just in time to prevent my ego from getting too inflated, designer Reactor-88’s custom Dr. Mario– and Dig Dug-themed Dunnys come along to remind me just what a miserable, talentless hack I am. I can draw stick-figures like nobody’s business, but that’s about the extent of my artistic aspirations.

If you’re not hip to vinyl toys, here’s the skinny: they’re plastic vinyl models that artists slap their designs on. There are a number of established brands and types (Dunnys being one of the most popular styles) and lots of opportunities for custom creations as well. Or, you could just let the fine folks over at Tomopop fill you in.

Using Sharpie paint markers and DIY blank Dunnys, Reactor-88 has created very nice sets of the Dr. Mario viruses (laughing in your face all the while), as well as Pooka, Fygar, and the eponymous Dig Dug himself.  You can see more of his designs on his Web site, where you can also buy the Dr. Mario Virus set for $80 (which isn’t too steep, all things considered).

Hit the jump to see the Dig Dug set, and look here and here for more gaming-themed vinyl creations.

[Via Offworld]


Joseph Leray