Custom BioShock 2 figure from artist Leon Arseneau

[As originally posted on Tomopop]

You know a game is going to be big when custom artists start making toys from it and it’s not even on store shelves yet. Of course, BioShock 2 is pretty hotly anticipated, considering the original game won a hojillion awards and left a pretty strong impression on most gamers.

Custom toy artists Leon Arseneau, also known as Darth Leon, is a master of the custom action figure, having whipped up everything from God of War to The Rocketeer in his previous creations. Fanmode reports that his latest project is the Big Sister from BioShock 2, and we’ve got the pics to prove it.

The base is a Destro body guard figure, with lots of sculpting on top to make the look right. Leon does sell his customs, but this one hasn’t shown up for sale anywhere just yet. What do you think of it?

[Via Toycutter]

Colette Bennett