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Cursed Sea codes (April 2024)

Redeem the latest Cursed Sea codes and get cool freebies!

Updated: April 15, 2024

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Becoming a pirate has never been easier—in Cursed Sea, you get to explore a beautiful island while fighting powerful foes. However, the easiest way to become the most powerful pirate is by redeeming codes, so don’t hesitate to use those listed below!

Cursed Sea codes will give you Luck Boosts, Stat Refunds, Race Rerolls, and many other freebies that will enhance your gameplay. Redeem these codes before they expire and become the Pirate King! If you’re interested in other Roblox games inspired by One Piece, read our article on A One Piece Game (AOPG) codes to get useful freebies in that title.

All Cursed Sea codes list

Cursed Sea codes (Working)

  • greatsword—Redeem for 2x Luck (New)
  • u asked—Redeem for a Stat Refund (New)
  • kami—Redeem for a Race Reroll (New)
  • shutdowns—Redeem for 2x Luck
  • yay—Redeem for a Race Reroll
  • lets go—Redeem for 2x Luck
  • ranked—Redeem for a Disaster Chest (Must be level +50)
  • oops—Redeem a Stat Refund
  • race reroll always wins—Redeem for a Race Reroll
  • up all night—Redeem for 2x Luck
  • wipe me—Redeem for a Stat Refund
  • 1.5k followers—Redeem for a Race Reroll
  • hype—Redeem for a Race Reroll
  • blackleg—Redeem for a Stat Refund
  • lets progress—Redeem for 2x EXP
  • level 100—Redeem for a Disaster Chest (Must be level 100)
  • 7.5k likes—Redeem for 2x EXP
  • ope ope—Redeem for a Race Reroll
  • 1k followers—Redeem for a Race Reroll
  • race reroll 4—Redeem for a Race Reroll
  • level 250—Redeem for a Disaster Chest (Must be level 205)
  • pinto my binto—Redeem for 2x Luck
  • skibidi toilet—Redeem for a Race Reroll
  • 5k likes—Redeem for 2x EXP
  • twitter poll—Redeem for a Race Reroll
  • fixes—Redeem for a Race Reroll

Cursed Sea codes (Expired)

race reroll
twitter boys
blue bird
why guys
stat reset
rip bounty
race reroll 3
race reroll 2

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How to redeem codes in Cursed Sea

To redeem Cursed Sea codes, follow the steps below:

How to redeem codes in Cursed Sea
Screenshot by Destructoid
  1. Open Cursed Sea on Roblox.
  2. Click the Menu button on the left side of the screen.
  3. Click the Shop icon.
  4. Go to the Codes tab.
  5. Input your code into the text box.
  6. Click the yellow Redeem button to get your rewards.

How to get more Cursed Sea codes

To find the latest Cursed Sea codes, you can join the Cursed Sea Discord server, follow the game dev’s X account (@Bracterio), and subscribe to their YouTube channel (@Bracting). If you find this option to be too time-consuming, save our article. We monitor the game’s socials daily and add the latest codes as soon as they drop, so come back often to check for updates.

Why are my Cursed Sea codes not working?

Cursed Sea codes have expiration dates, but since the developer doesn’t disclose them, it’s impossible to predict how much time you have to claim your goodies. That’s why you should be quick and redeem the codes as soon as possible. Let us know if you find an expired code on our Working list, and we will investigate.

Before you assume a code has become invalid, check for typos. The game won’t accept codes that aren’t entered as they appear. The easiest way to achieve error-free spelling is by copying and pasting the codes you wish to use.

Other ways to get free rewards in Cursed Sea

Besides redeeming Cursed Sea codes, there are other ways to get freebies. Complete Main, Daily, and Weekly quests to get free Gems and Cash. You can also join the Discord server linked above to find out more about giveaways and special events.

What is Cursed Sea?

Cursed Sea is a PvP fighting Roblox experience inspired by the popular One Piece anime. Battle and defeat enemies to gain XP and level up. By doing so, you will collect Gems that you can use to unlock unique skills and purchase various weapons. While the quickest way to upgrade your fighter is to face other players, completing tasks will also give you XP.

The Roblox Codes section here at Destructoid contains codes for many other titles, so head over there to get the most recent freebies.

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