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Blizzard formally revealed Ana, Overwatch‘s newest hero this morning, and that stirred up plenty of curiosity about how she actually plays. We know the basics of her abilities and whatnot, but people want to know more specifics.

Fortunately, we have some form of demonstration. Ana isn’t live for everyone yet but she’s available on Overwatch‘s Public Test Realm. That means that PC players can try her out now. A lot of folks are doing that, and some of them are streaming their experience.

The embedded stream is just one example. This guy seems to be doing a decent job of explaining what’s happening with her as he plays. There are more streams out there if you care to look for them.

For anyone who wants to try Ana first-hand, well, you probably have a bit of a wait ahead of you. Chris tried jumping on, only to learn that there’s a 1,000 person queue to get into the PTR. He eventually got in, but it was about a 20 minute wait. I guess a lot of people want to see what Ana’s all about. Although, to be fair, I watched one game that ended with three Anas on one team and two on the other; that somehow seems like fewer than expected.

Lastly, for anyone who wants the official word on Ana’s abilities, here’s a screencap from the in-game description. Chris will probably write up his impressions on how she plays, so expect that in the very near future.

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