Cuphead passes three million sales and it deserves every one of them

There’s still ‘one or two extra deep secrets’ to find

The splendid run-and-gun game Cuphead continues to sell well and every time we hear about a new sales milestone, I feel reassured. It’s wonderful to know that this type of game can be embraced at this level. The latest word: Cuphead has surpassed three million units sold across PC and Xbox One.

“We wanted Cuphead to feel like coming home to a place you remembered, only to find it full of surprises,” said co-director Chad Moldenhauer. “Along the way, we packed every scene full of as many secrets and tributes as we possibly could. We named characters after legendary animators and tried our hand at new versions of classic game encounters. We even went as far as to hide subtle visual gags in single frames of animation! Ultimately, we wanted the game’s world to feel like it was bursting with things to uncover. This has been one of our greatest joys since the game’s launch: seeing fans dissect, discuss, and share all these moments with one another. Well, perhaps not all of them.”

I keep intentionally “forgetting” that we’re getting Cuphead DLC in order to stop myself from growing too restless (a tactic I’m also employing for Spelunky 2). 2019 feels so far away right now, but I’m stoked for The Delicious Last Course and whatever else the future might hold for Studio MDHR.

If you still need to pick up Cuphead, it’s currently 20 percent off.

Jordan Devore
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