Cuphead looks right at home on this old television

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It really fits the aesthetic

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Playing Cuphead has made me want to seek out and watch a bunch of the 1930s cartoons from which it draws inspiration, but in the mean time, here’s a real cool semi-related thing: YouTube user Lazy Game Reviews has hooked the game up to display on a monochrome television. The result is fantastic.

The process involved is also neat if you’re into this sort of stuff. LGR uses “a string of adapters” to connect an HDMI cable to the 1984 GoldStar TV set, as detailed in this extensive how-to video.

I love this. I’m working on A-ranking the final two bosses and working my way through the full game on Expert difficulty, but sooner than later I want to attempt a pacifist playthrough for all of the run-and-gun platforming levels. You’ll get a kick out of the unlockable reward if you enjoy this video.

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