Cuphead is getting a special free update on Xbox

The bonuses runneth over

PlayStation 4 is getting an absolute gem of an indie game today. Nearly three years after launch, Cuphead is coming to PS4. That’s not the end of the surprises.

Studio MDHR is working on a treat for Cuphead‘s earliest adopters. The Xbox version is getting free special update that includes a digital art gallery, behind-the-scenes commentary, and a playable soundtrack. It’s like the bonus features disc in a DVD box set.

The special update isn’t imminent. The developer says it’s in “the early planning stages.” Also, Studio MDHR is probably prioritizing work on the Delicious Last Course add-on moreso than a free update. But, whenever it arrives, it’ll be a nice little touch and a tip of the hat to the platform that most heavily promoted Cuphead.

Surprise!! Cuphead is Coming to PlayStation 4…And It’s Out Today! [Studio MDHR]

Brett Makedonski
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