Cuphead has official sheet music, and that rules

Now we just wait for wholesome YouTube videos

It’s not every day that we see officially sanctioned video game sheet music. In the case of Cuphead‘s toe-tapping soundtrack, though, the idea is such a no-brainer. It’s time to get the band back together.

Studio MDHR has begun selling digital Cuphead sheet music, with charts targeting high school concert bands, jazz bands, and professional musicians. Heck, there’s even a five-dollar barbershop quartet option. How does one go about forming a barbershop quartet in 2019? (Asking for a friend.)

The sheet music varies in price and song selection. The high school concert band package, for instance, includes PDF scores and parts for “Inkwell Isle I” and “Die House,” and it’s priced at $30. Meanwhile, the professional charts are a bit pricier at $50, but in return, you’re getting access to seven Cuphead songs.

I’m not at all in the target market for this stuff – I was forced to play trombone in school, and it did not go well – but I can appreciate what Studio MDHR is doing from afar. Talk about a cool intersection.

Sheet Music [Cuphead]

Jordan Devore
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