Cuphead got patched so now we can’t make a million Mugmen anymore

C’est la vie

Cuphead, already a very fine game, got a little more polished today. Developer StudioMDHR released patch version 1.1.3 and it does away with some of Cuphead‘s unintentional quirks. That includes a bug that’s actually pretty fantastic.

When playing multiplayer, it was possible to replicate co-protagonist Mugman many times over. It involves dropping out and rejoining, which only added another character on screen rather than erasing them and then re-adding them. The result was a Mugman army, an unsettling number of little blue dudes marching across the level select screen. Here’s a video of it in action:

The rest of the fixes are less disappointing, as they weren’t cute enough to warrant an attachment (or a headline). It’s a lot of little things that make various levels and attacks function as they’re supposed to. Here’s the full list of changes:

  • Fixed various freezes caused by controller disconnection/reconnection
  • Fixed infinite controller rumble bug
  • Fixed various freezes and soft-locks and crashes
  • Improvements to saving and loading
  • No longer possible to create a Mugman army
  • Fixed rapid-weapon-swap damage glitch
  • Slight charge weapon damage reduction
  • Charge weapon charge is now maintained during parry
  • It is now possible to unequip secondary weapon, Super, and Charm from equipment menu (Press “Y” to unequip)
  • Mr. Chimes no longer gets stuck or goes off-screen
  • King Dice’s Start Over square will now only trigger once per attempt
  • Player 2 now appears in the King Dice board after being revived at the end of a mini-boss level
  • Dice Palace score now properly resets when retrying the level
  • Fixed improper hit boxes on the Devil’s snake attack
  • Fixed Devil’s goat attack so it hits ducking players
  • Elevator on Rugged Ridge no longer locks if Player 1 dies
  • A+ grade now possible on Funfair Fever and Treetop Trouble
  • No longer possible to damage bosses that are off-screen
  • Fixed rare crash when parrying on Carnival Kerfuffle
  • Fixed Roundabout shots not coming back on screen on select stages
  • Baroness Von Bon Bon death results now properly displays progress on phase 3
  • Dr. Kahl’s Robot death results now properly displays progress on phase 1
  • Fixed various minor collision bugs
  • Various art and animation polish
  • Minor sound effect bug fixes and polish
  • Added spooky Mausoleum announcer
  • Touch fuzzy, get a little dizzy

Here’s a reward for anyone who got all the way through the patch notes: A picture of Cuphead and Mugman playing tailor.

Cupdate – Patch Notes v1.1.3 [StudioMDHR]

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