Cuphead and Assassin’s Creed are invading Smash Ultimate in Mii form

Also, Rabbids, Mega Man X and Mega Man .EXE

Well, tons of DLC is always a given when there’s a Smash Direct. On top of Byleth, more Mii outfits are entering the fray for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate soon.

That list includes Altaïr from Assassin’s Creed, Cuphead, Rabbids, and Mega Man X/EXE outfits. Cuphead (who is appropriately a gunner) also comes with Floral Fury song, just like the Undertale Sans Mii outfit before it. It’s crazy how these Mii reveals are often some of the most surprising bits of the Smash Directs.

I know the Cuphead inclusion will make a lot of people happy, even if the titular Cuphead and Mugman never make it into Smash as a proper fighter. It’s also nice to see any Mega Man representation (especially with the rumors of a Mega Man X revival in the wind), and it’s great that Nintendo and Ubisoft are still on good terms.

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