Cult classic Metal Wolf Chaos’ XD re-release is not out on July 4 as rumored, aiming for August

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August 6

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[Update: Metal Wolf Chaos XD‘s August 6 launch date has also surfaced on Steam, and the listing shows a surprising bonus for pre-purchasing the game: a Half-Life-themed Lambda mech suit skin.]

Before there was Souls, From Software was crafting all sorts of games, many of which were of the mech variety. After all, From is the father of the lauded Armored Core series (I spent countless days engrossed in Armored Core 2), among several other adventures like Metal Wolf Chaos.

The sheer premise of the latter is enough to turn heads (the president gets a mech suit), and after a long gestation period since its 2004 Japan release, it’s now poised for a re-release on August 6. Yep, despite the absolutely perfect opportunity to arrive on July 4 (the president motif and all), the Microsoft Store has revealed the official date of August 6: it is still slated for PC, PS4, and Xbox one platforms.

The listing also reiterates that this is a remaster, with “upgraded visual fidelity, refined controls and gameplay, a new save system, and 4K+16:9 support (at least on Xbox One).” Bring it on! I’m anxious to give this a go again after trying out an import copy so many years ago.

Metal Wolf Chaos [Microsoft]

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