Culdcept game comes to the Nintendo DS

If you’ve never revelled in the nerdy delights of Culdcept, you’re missing out on the best (and probably only) blend of board game and card battle, mixed with a touch of strategy and incredible custom art.

The Culdcept series got its start on the Sega Saturn, and eventually saw a sequel on the Dreamcast. These days it survives as a relatively hard to find PlayStation 2 title, and although it never saw large sales numbers, we’re glad its getting an Xbox 360 version next year called Culdcept Saga (pictured above).

Now we get word that Sega is working on a portable version of Culdcept. This new title celebrates the series’ 10th anniversary, as the original Saturn title was released on October 30, 1997. We have no other details past a 2008 release date in Japan, but it’s good to hear that this great game is getting some attention and updates. Look out for more news on the DS title as it comes to us.  

[Via Sega Japan – Thanks to Japanator’s God Len, who will die by my hand at Culdcept Saga

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